Dominating Class A Players (1800-1999)

Dominating Class A Players (1800-1999)

Aug 19, 2017, 7:05 PM |


Class A Players: Game #1
Just a cool sicillian game in which I dominated a strong 1873 opponent...

Class A Players: Game #2
Here is a recent game vs a 1873 in which I lose on time.  Unfortunately, my opponent wouldn't draw me although the game was clearly a draw (K+Q vs K+Q).  What is interesting is how white destroyed my pawn structure from the early middlegame, leaving me with tripled pawns.  I played on and equalized the position, but time was against me and I lost due to it.  Still, I included this game because it has many interesting facets.  Enjoy.


Class A Players: Game #3
Here is another recent game vs a strong 1951 rated opponent.  Neither player played perfect, but it was still an interesting game, so i thought i would share...


Class A Players: Game #4

Yet another complete domination by me vs a seemingly weak 1815 rated player...





Class A Players: Game #5


 In the following game my strong 1907 opponent realized the position had been lost, on move 12, resigned!  Why did he resign?  Look at the games above to see what happens when i get counterplay on the opponents king.  Even though an early resignation seems strange, higher level players tend to use a form of conservation of energy when a game is clearly losing and resign to find to start anew rather than waste mental energy in a lost position.  IMHO he should have played on although white was clearly winning in both center control, piece activity and king vulnerability!  The graph above shows whites dominance.  Anyway enjoy this short one.





Class A Players: Game #6
Heres a recent rated game vs Bhrm22, rated 1983? provisional.



Class A Players: Game #7

Heres another blitz game I played afterwards, using the first 9 moves as pre-selected moves!




In the last 24 hours I have positionally crushed multiple 1850+ rated opponents, not to mention many 2000+ rated opponents.  I am looking for some stronger opponents, but none will accept my challenge...yet.



Class A Players: Game #8






Class A Players: Game #9


Strength White Black
Excellent 39 36
Good 10 11
Inaccuracy (?!) 4 5
Mistake (?) 0 1
Blunder (??) 1 0
Forced 0 1
Best Move 52.0% 56.0%
CAPS  92.98 93.60
Avg. Diff 0.18 0.16



Class A Players: Game #10
This post is mostly for keeping track of some of my more interesting games...
Early Saturday morning, 2/4/17, I challenged Leikepeike in Fischer Random chess.  He is rated global #21 on the for Fischer Random Variant.  To my surprise...I won!  This is my highest rated win in a live game on to this date.  I had great difficulty developing as you will see...

 Class A Players: Game #11

Here's a game where I stair-stepped my opponent to resign before his 28th move.




Class A Players: Game #12

Heres a 3 second + 1 second per move rated blitz game vs a strong blitz player tomi36, rated 1976 in blitz.  Almost every move is a pre-move.





Class A Players: Game #13

Here's a quick 1 minute blitz game versus the strong hmoumen, rated 1934.

There are some pretty sweet tactics in this game, including a savage pawn and a queen lure and trap! White masterfully dominates every move!  Just look at the graph, now thats stair-stepping...Enjoy!



Class A Players: Game #14



 Class A Players: Game #15,#16,#17

3 consecutive wins vs vevo57, provisionally rated 1966.




Class A Players: Game #18
Classical 10/5 game verse Hammerheart (1824)
Theory says black is fine in this line, but 9...a6 is played.  After white makes a nice move which causes black to resign on the spot, before move 10...



Class A Players: Game #19
Here's a slow 19 minutes + 0 sec game, vs the strong, Marecelino12345, rated 1980.
I missed a chance on 7...e4! and didn't realize the g3 knight controlled h5, so I played Bg4, with e4 planned next move...Anyway the game played quite even until move 20, when black dominated the rest of the game.  I was low on time during the endgame, so its real sloppy and there were quicker wins...


Class A Players: Game #20

Another quick blitz (5 minute +2 ) win versus expert xhanox, provisionally rated 1965.
I played white and decided 6.f4 over the normal 6.Bg5 line.  My opponent played the innaccurate 7...h6? and I swiftly taught him a lesson about development.  Just look at whites domination in the graph below.  In this speed game I played with an average difference of .02, and a 99.24 CAPS.  My opponent was right to resign before his 18th move.


 Class A Players: Game #21

a game versus strong player andrade2365 rated 1813


Class A Players: Game #22


A rated game vs DLEKSET rated 1939


Class A Players: Game #23
Here's a game vs IMHO a very strong 1922 rated player, Robbm.  
After being really "off" in our first 2 games, I finally played a much better 3rd game.  Robbm was a very pleasant opponent who seemed much stronger than his rating!


Class A Players: Game #24
In 10 minute per side game I played Waseemdaher, rated 1944.   Its e4 Petrov featuring a sac followed by destruction of the white army.  Black dominates the entire game only to have to draw it by repetition with only seconds left on the clock.



Class A Players: Game #25
A rated 5/20 classical game vs laishiyiyou, rated 1975.  I blundered my center pawn in the beginning, but came back strong thanks to the killer knight!


Class A Players: Game #26

Here is a recent rated  12minute +12 second game versus vashevelichestvo, rated 1954, he seemed a very strong player!  In the end the game was drawn.


Class A Players: Game #27
Here's a 9/0 rated game vs sl11235, rated 1947.  Time pressure was huge as I played the last 20 moves in less than 5 seconds!

Class A Players: Game #28
Here's a hard fought draw vs Larodash2013, rated 1929.


Class A Players: Game #29
Here's a 15/0 win vs Ilias, rated 1923.

Class A Players: Game #30
Here's a 3/+1 win vs Ilias, rated 1902.



Class A Players: Game #31
Here's a 10+5 win vs MendtheGown, rated 1902



Class A Players: Game #32
Here's a 15/+10 win vs ALFILx, rated 1827.


Class A Players: Game #33 & 34
Here's a 10/+10 win vs Russothell, rated 1857.  My first time playing the french, using a made up version.  Smashed opponent in 20 move resignation!  

Russothell challenged me again.  He played d5 scandanavian and I again made up the rest with 2.Bd3!? followed by mate on move 10.



Class A Players: Game #35
Here's a 10/+10 win vs Jofede, rated 1870.  My second french game ending in mate on move 14!


Class A Players: Game #36
Here's a 8+8 win vs Vasuki2014, rated 1997 provisional.  White dominated the entire game! Mate in 27!

Class A Players: Game #37
Here's a 10+15 classical rated win vs uDav202, rated 1956.


Class A Players: Game #38
Here's a 6+6 rated win vs ParaCraneo, rated 1975.  I dominated every move with no blunders, no mistakes and no innacuracies!  My opponent is mated in 23 moves by a forcing combination starting at move 18!


Class A Players: Game #39
Here's a 15+0 rated win vs Csiga, rated 1852.  I was on fire, or at least it felt like it after my opponent queen gobbled up my poisonous pawns!


Class A Players: Game #40
 Here's a 10+3 win vs Undodo, rated 1900.   I dominated every move with no blunders, no mistakes and no innacuracies!  After my opponents 22nd move a forcing combination leads to mate by 25!


Class A Players: Game #41
 Here's a 15+5 win vs Shturmobiv, rated 1900.  Its quite an interesting game here!

Class A Players: Game #42
 Here's a 15+5 win vs UltraNice, rated 1933.


Class A Players: Game #43 
 Here's a 15+0 rated win vs SamvelG, rated 1963.  This was a very interesting sicilian game in which which i was able to completely dominate my opponent...


Class A Players: Game #44
Here's a 15+0 rated win vs Mehhmet, rated 1851.  In this game I had 1 mistake and 4 innacuracies.  Interestingly enough, 2 innacuracies are null in the endgame as it was a mate in 1 move difference which doesn't matter in reality, as I could have thought harder to find the quickest mate, but nah...The other 2 innacuracies and 1 mistake was purposefully done in order to color the opening with new ideas, and psychologically disrupt my opponent and his preparation. 



UPDATE: Just played NM ChessNinja48, a fourteen year old prodigy national master rated 2447 and ranked #27 world wide, AND I WON!  YAY! 

I am now hunting down the worlds best masters!