Dominating Class B Players (1600-1799)

Dominating Class B Players (1600-1799)

Aug 19, 2017, 6:55 PM |
Class B Players: Game #1
The following game was 15/10 time controls, but both players hardly used any of their time before the game ended early in mate!  White played 18/20 perfect moves, with a 99.26 CAPS.  Whites only inaccurate move fueled whites plan and flavored the whole game!  By positionally sacrificing his b5 knight to a3 for king side pawn damage (good trade), followed by sacrificing the a3 knight for queenside pawn damage.  The result?  An enemy king stuck in the center!  The pressure was too great!  By move 20, black was mated!

Class B Players: Game #2
In this game versus a stronger opponent, i accidentally dropped my pawn on e3 instead of e4.  The "old me" would have gotten upset, but the "new me" knows to roll with it.   I decided upon the dutch, which is the only opening vaguely familiar featuring the pawn on e3.  The game remained very even until suddenly whites pieces spring to action, using a rook sac, knight pseudo-sac and a dark sniper bishop.
 My strong opponent resigned before his 23rd move.

Class B Players: Game #3


Class B Players: Game #4
Thought i would include this game i played in which I played every best computer move, of course without the use of a computer.

Class B Players: Game #5
I thought i would include this game to show just how difficult defense can be.  I played black and chose a sacrificial line to expose the enemy king.  I didn't attack with perfect accuracy either, since Bxf2 was obviously stronger, but still look at all the traps the defending player had to put up with!  Fun game!

Class B Players: Game #6 

a game versus strong player andrade2365 rated 1795

Class B Players: Game #7 
 In the following game I played white against the Sicilian and just created my responses on the fly since i didn't know the theory behind these lines.  I chose a very positional approach with solid and stabilizing moves and in the end lost in time to my opponent.  Afterwards i ran the analysis on and to my surprise i played an extremely accurate game and had completely dominated my opponent (check it out)!  In the end i lost to time.  I had a positionally and materially won game but failed to convert those advantages to a win due to time pressure.  

Class B Players: Game #8 
Here's a 15 minute game on vs yopnikov, rated 1673.