Dominating Top Experts (2199-2399)

Dominating Top Experts (2199-2399)

Aug 19, 2017, 5:36 PM |

 Top Experts: Game #1

Absolute domination versus top chess expert, Unenbahlam, rated 2214!

My strong opponent tried to throw me off with a strange opening move...within four

moves his game was lost.  



  Top Experts: Game #2

Top chess expert whooped in 20 moves!

In this 10 minute + 3 second game, I managed to completely dominate the strong white opponent!


 Top Experts: Game #3

CGV3: GAME #22

A casual blitz win vs wonkadead, rated 2208

Wonkadead is a chess expert rated 2100 FIDE and 2200 FCS.  He is one of the Top 1000 rated players worldwide.  Here, I set a little trap and he fell for it!


Top Experts: Game #4

Dominating a 2250 expert...then losing to a pre-move...including trash talk...
This is a recent rated game vs a strong opponent ChessBoxerJP, who is classically ranked 254 worldwide, I completely dominated my opponent in an opening continuation I made up on the spot! By my opponents 12 move, he should have resigned in my opinion.  Notice how crushing whites perfect play is.  Afterwards i was accused of cheating, but any analysis would show white was far from cheating and black actually gave away the game.  But after such opening domination, I went on to lose the game due to a premove I made.  Noooo!!!!!
The purpose of this sharing this game then, is to show that even very strong chess experts, seem easy to me as he is in a long line of other experts who also "lose" before move 20.  -This is a trend I am documenting right here on my profile.  
By the way, I wouldn't cheat and risk losing all I have worked for.  -But I do understand the confusion that must beset these top players when a patzer, they think,  sits across the board from them, using the same technique employed to beat my rival stockfish 8!



Top Experts: Game #5

 Another game versus top chess expert, Unenbahlam, or wait...Am I really playing the Super GM Elite, Stockfish?  I think so...But you be the judge!

My strong opponent slowly chipped away at my best defense, until finally I resigned on move 22.  After analyzing this game I realized I was most likely playing a chess engine.  I don't like to call others cheaters but 22 perfect moves with a .01 difference...its hard to believe...

Stockfish8 is a normal rival for me, so I know how the Fish plays.  I believe Unenbahlam was stockfish8 iengine n disguise.  Too bad, because if I would have known, I would have played differently, knowing imperfections aren't allowed and I might have won.



Experts: Game #6

Complete and utter domination vs a 2214 expert!

In the last 72 hours, I have had countless wins playing against experts!  Here's my latest, a blitz game vs an 2214 expert ranked #1645 worldwide in blitz.  Again it is a total crushing victory...and it was easy like the others!  White dominate, even crushed his opponent every single move from start to finish, just look at the graph...



Top Experts: Game #7

Domination vs Mossutov 2208 rated expert!

Here's a 15+10 rated game where I played as black.  As white gobbles up my minor pieces, I quickly launch an attack toward the weakened enemy king!  White dominates his strong opponent.


Top Experts: Game #8

Excellent Play Award

Domination vs Mossutov 2217 rated expert!

Here's a10+0 rated game where I played the c3 sicilian as white and black responds mainline d5.  After 14...h6 there follows multiple forcing combinations leading to mate on the black king.



Top Experts: Game #9

Blitzkrieger Award

3+0 Blitz vs Mate_in_123 rated 2300 top expert!

As most blitz games go, there are many exciting turns.  In the end, just as white is about to get mated, black mates!  To date this is my highest rated blitz win yet! 



Top Experts: Game #10

Classical 1+30 rated game vs top expert Cimtolga rated 2207!

In this game my very strong expert opponent managed to play extremely accurately in the opening (playing all perfect computer moves), starting in the middlegame, black made some innacuracies which allowed white to close his grip on the position. 


Top Experts: Game #11

Classical 10+0 casual game vs top expert Maxwell_Can rated 2203!

In this game I used the petrov to dominate my strong opponent from opening to endgame!  I had a modest 16 centipawn loss average., playing no mistakes or blunders



Many more to come!