Losing Bad to the Worlds #1 Blitz Player

Aug 21, 2017, 4:10 PM |

I am sharing this game versus International Master BeepBeepImaJeep, rated 2957 and ranked no #1 player in the world!  It was a simul with 10 other players.  Beep had 15 minutes and we had 5+0 blitz time.  I was excitedly and nervously hanging on in a position very unfamiliar to me.  His time was running down and after his 14th move, my position began crumbling until I began giving him free pieces because of GM mind freeze (known as a quite intimidating psychological pressure which stops all logical thought)!  That's my excuses.  LOL!


The game?  It was quite brutal.  Nothing spectacular, just check it out if you really want to.

Cool so here is our second game, did better and was winning from beginning and again in the endgame.  Lost to time!


Here's another game in which I had the honor to play LM (Life Master) Lance5500, rated 2621.  This was a hard fight, in which I was losing nearly every step of the way!