Dominating Chess Masters (2400+)

Dominating Chess Masters (2400+)

Aug 13, 2017, 11:28 PM |

Masters: Game #1


Yay!  I finally had the honor to play a NM (national master) in a 15 player, 10 minute + 30 sec simultaneous exhibition!


NM ChessNinja48 (2447),  is a chess prodigy who became a National Master at 14 and is also a 4-time US Scholastic National Champion.  He is an incredibly strong player ranking #27 on the globe in classical chess!  With respect to this master who was playing 15 others, I want to share my honest feelings about my match.


As white I felt I dominated the entire game, -just look at the graph.  During the middle game I pressed my advantage and knew my opponent didn't stand a chance.  Then I blundered away all I had gained, returning to an even endgame where I proved once again I could pull ahead.  I felt I had beat my opponent twice in one game, while using hardly any time!  IMHO, he was too stretched from the simul...



I am thankful that I got to play such a strong opponent and I respect him as one of the best players on earth!


What's next?  Well I am hunting for a 2600-2800, top 10 player.  Surely they will school me.  

-But I don't think so...