A living game

A living game

Oct 14, 2011, 10:39 AM |

Differently of normal game, where it is played with wooden pieces, in the living game it is 
played with people only human

This kind of game is very old. For instance, John of Austria celebrated the Lepant victory with a chess game where his servants, with the suitable dresses for the occasion, played a game in a large room on a floor with marble black and white paving stones.

José Raul Capablanca also played in this way. In this wonderful picture you can see a game played against Herman Steiner in Los Angeles, 1933, Capablanca and Steiner, stay behind, each one with their chessboard. As you can see, they are paying attention about the thigh of the pawns more than the wooden pieces.  

Position after 12… fxe6 

Diagram that goes with the picture

In other previous moment of the same game, that it is seen from the other side of the white ones, the bishop (the one with the bishop hat) just before to retreat to c4, looks the girl that just has moved from c7 to c6. After 10.Bc4, black puts his bishop on d6. Probably this will be the move that will lose the black.

  Position after 9…c6 

  The game is very beautiful. The white ones after weak the black castling
  sacrifice firstly a rook in a threat without truce sacrifice the other rook in
  an interesting endgame with checkmate at the other side of the chessboard.

     See a video of the series “La pasión del ajedrez” where Leontxo García comment
     this interesting game:



   The game commented by Vasily Panov:

   Capablanca and Herman Steiner in a casual game in Los Angeles in 1933


   Another living game between Capablanca and Sir George Thomas played in a London
   garden, 1936:

    Fragment game Capablanca vs George Thomas



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