Puzzles, fun and trivia!
Puzzletactician brings you into a world of fun in chess.

Puzzles, fun and trivia!


Hello! Welcome to my first blog on the fun in chess! If you have been following my articles, you will see what devices I have used to put in my opinion and advice on some things! If you haven't please get onto my blogs later on and see what I have written! https://www.chess.com/blog/Puzzletactician

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1. Spot the flaw in the comments.


1. It is not the best move. Qxf2 followed by Be3 is mate. Even if Black took with the bishop, Qf4 followed by Qxe3 mate is the second-best checkmate.

2. The d4 pawn is not free! if you take it with the knight, white will take back and play Bxh7, winning the queen.

3. The best result is a win! c8=Q+ followed by another queen promotion will win for white.

2. Spot the tactic 

3. (last but not least) look at this game and message me with the conclusion.

WOW! You have finally reached the end! Such a relief, huh?

Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you have had a wonderful time! Please tune in for the next blog I do! And remember, have a most excellent day!