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My very First Game

Jul 23, 2007, 2:14 PM 10
No sooner than I logged on for the first time after becoming a member, I was being challenged to a game by HelfstM.  I sat staring at the screen, frightened to move. I felt as though someone was able to see me, watch me sitting there trying to make up my mind what to do. Should I accept the challenge?  Reject it? or just ignore it?  After all I'd only just joined Chess.com, I wasn't ready to be challenged, was I?  When all of a sudden, someone else came in, and I pressed a key, and there I was playing my first game. Don't ask me how I got into it, because I don't know. I was a bit nervous at first, but I soon settled in to it, and I felt I was doing alright. It was pretty even until ersa70 sent me a message Ha Hayt, I took the message to mean, I'd made a mistake and s/he had got me. From then on it was cat and mouse and the game lasted approx 4 hours. I lost to ersa70 by I thought Check mate, but not knowing what to do next, because nothing happened, even though I could not move anywhere, and we just sat there, so I resigned and sent s/he a message of congratulations for beating me. I must say I really enjoyed it. Although I suppose I will find my way round the site, it would be nice to have some instructions on what to do. I did try the help button at one time,  but it was no help for what I wanted. But never mind I've enjoyed my evening playing chess. Thanks ersa70. Thanks Chess.com I'm glad I joined. --Queenie

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