The Best Ways to Win in Correspondence/Daily Chess

Dec 16, 2017, 8:48 AM |

A little while ago, I did The Worst Ways To Lose In Correspondence/Daily Chess which gave me the idea to now do The Best Ways to Win in Correspondence/Daily Chess! This blog hopefully will be much more funny and relate-able than my previous one. The only change I am making for this game is that not all of the examples here were wins for me! 


Time to begin:


8. By time 

What's more fun than winning by time especially when you are losing?



7. By 21 points


6. By The Chess 960 Rook Helper Mate

This is my favourite checkmate that happens in chess960 every now and then. In this game, I could not deliver the mate though as my opponent resigned before I could deliver checkmate. 

5. By timeout one move before mate

The timing on this timeout was hilarious

4. Win in a comeback

In this game, I spent very little time on the moves as my opponents rating was much lower than mine, so after a few embarrasing blunders, I had to play very carefully to be able to win.


3. The quick and fast blunder

It is always nice to win a game when your opponent blunders and not you

2. By resignation when the game is dead drawn

Can you spot the tactic that draws the game for black?

1. By mate-in-one-blunder

I find it sad that the #1 reason of The Best Ways to Win in Correspondence/Daily Chess comes from a game where I lost. 


Thanks for reading! Comment on which of the reasons was your favourite one!