Gunned Down .... Again

Jan 4, 2014, 1:30 PM |






More travails of a (wanna-be) improving chess player...

Eventually I will beat him.

"Him?" you ask.  Yeah, him...  Gunners2004.

We've played several slow games. They have all been very interesting games. Very enjoyable, too.  Okay, okay. I admit it, they would have been really enjoyable if I had managed to win them Tongue Out

But, Guns (as I call him) is not an enemy. He's a friend. The kind of friend that will give you his best game at the board and educate you in the process. Even when you do something really dumb, he'll find positives and encourage you. That, my friends, is a friend!

So, I was very happy when Guns said he could play Friday evening (evening for me, dead of the night for him). This time ... this time ... I was going to come out guns blazing!
And, for a while it looked like I just might be able to win this shootout. But ... I misfired and shot myself in the foot. And was Gunned Down, again!
Below is an annotated copy of the game. I played black and went with the King's Indian Defense. What ensued was one of those struggles that make chess so much fun --- each side is trying to implement his plan (or find a plan!). There are some really clever moves and some not so clever moves. 
One thing I need to work on is to play the actual position on the board.  I think I tried to bend the position to my will, desperately trying to find a clever winning attack that just wasn't there. In the end, Gunners had defended my threats, and I should have realized it and backed down and played for the best position I could get. That's easy for me to say in hindsight. 
I won't swear by any of the annotations I made. So, don't swear at me because something isn't right!  Deal?!?!
Thanks, Guns for the battle over the board.  It was quite enjoyable. But ... next time .... Cool

Happy New Year everyone!  May chess always be fun and enjoyable for you.

-- Jeff