Ode To a Chess Teacher

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The following is penned in honor of Dan Heisman's 62nd birthday.  It represents an imaginary conversation between the chess teacher and student.  It must be difficult sometimes being a chess teacher and seeing so many students repeat the same basic mistakes and misunderstandings.
Dan is not only excellent as a teacher, but he's a pretty impressive human being, too.
Happy b-day Dan!

Ode to a Chess Teacher

"Why did you move again your knight?
Have not I told you what is right?"

"Game debut: each piece once should move,
What here were you trying to prove?"

I wished to gain the bishop pair
for black is weak on the light squares.

"Tsk, tsk, first you walk, then you run.
Look here - Move 9 your pawn you hung."

"Now why not bring the bishop out?
Use your army, else it's a rout!"

The Chernobyl gambit I tried
It's better than the Liver Fried

"If you play an op'ning exotic,
simply check it periodic."
"What good to know the MCO,
when simple positions you blow?"

So sensei, I should play the French?
With that, winning will be a cinch?

"Understand what I say, puhleeze!
Often you leave pieces en prise!"

"Knowledge you do indeed possess,
But your skills are very much a mess!"

"Think long and hard on every move,
a decent player you may prove."

"The time on your clock you must use,
Move too fast and you're sure to lose."

"For checks, captures and threats you search,
else you'll leave yourself in the lurch."

Wise one, teach me more I implore
To a high rating I may soar!

"O student from the truth don't hide
I teach not, but am a mere guide"

"Tis you who all the work must do,
I am here though to help you through!"

Thank you, sir, for your assistance,
All given for a mere pittance.

To pay you some stocks I must sell.
Don't fret, Dan, the check's in the mail!