Open Letter to 4x US Champion GM Yasser Seirawan, Addendum 1

Open Letter to 4x US Champion GM Yasser Seirawan, Addendum 1

Feb 17, 2018, 9:08 AM |

New Development in the Hot Battle of Ideas in GM Nimzovich(2780) - GM Seirawan(2658) Chess Match

There has been no word back from GM Yasser Seirawan, a 4x United States champion, since my open letter to him, from Deep Ol' South Atlanta up north to Seattle, was sent out.

Either one of the most admired GMs America has, is ignoring the chess public completely (afraid of getting out in the rain?), or maybe he is diligently preparing a response and solid defense? after he launched a vicious and risky attack against "perhaps the most brilliant theoretician in the history of the game," as another American, GM Robert Byrne, a university philosophy professor, called GM Nimzovich.

Who knows, Yaz (as he is popularly known) may be staging a coup in the world of big chess ideas that, since Nimzovich, has not, frankly, seen a major breakthrough.

Meanwhile, as we are all anxiously waiting (in vain?) for that to happen, I would like to say a word or two about what Nimzovich's ideas, three big ones bounced around in the open letter already, are really representing.

The ideas of prevention, restriction and (over)protection are everlasting, all-pervasive, ever spontaneous wherever whenever there is Struggle. They are the "rules of strategy valid on the chessboard in terms so general as to apply to any of the combats in Nature," Dr. Lasker, The Struggle, New York, 1907.

This is the bread and butter concept in every contest, the most basic frame of mind that every chess (GM), millitary (Gen.), football (QB), company (CEO) commander is using as they lead their troops. As this mindset has been deeply ingrained since long time unknown, it is unwavering. It has become Second Nature in all Warriors.

And now, in defense to GM Seirawan, in an attempt to help him escape from an awkward position he put himself in with the reckless "Nimzovich's ideas were all rubbish" public statement, I'm thinking this my dear fellow chess people, Yaz may not be able to recognize Nimzo's prevention/restriction/protection ideas as they have become his deep instinct long time ago. And now when he reads about these ideas in My System, they seem so very trivial and inconsequential to him, "rubbish" indeed.

Yes, in a most dramatic turn of irony, I, a Nimzo fan, defend Yaz while y'all would expect to see me spearhead a full-scale, most ruthless counterattack from my Good Ol' South against the rainy Northhappy.png

Gens Una Summus!