PRINCIPIA SCACCHORUM, Part 16: ALT-Square One Vision

PRINCIPIA SCACCHORUM, Part 16: ALT-Square One Vision

Sep 4, 2017, 11:08 AM |


We are ALT-Chess Square One.

We want to connect the human spirit with the wonder of chess, preserving the majesty of the game as a haven for all to enjoy, not just the elite few.


We want

- to really bring chess to the masses and expose the game to many more millions of people by removing the chess-is-very-hard-to-learn stigma

- by using the modern, 21-century "relations before moves" instructional approach to make chess much easier to teach and learn in contradistinction with the ineffective traditional method that keeps 99.5 percent of all entrants stuck in Game Level 1 and unable to advance beyond aimless wood pushing


- to reduce the intolerable high rate of chess dropouts, due to unacceptable levels of impaired board vision and chess blindness, by accelerating the time spent in Square 1 to proceed quickly to the next levels where learners can really appreciate, enjoy and become creative in the game

- to bring chess learners, once out of Square One, to the plenitude of quality learning material in books and online, as well as professional instruction offered by high-profile ranks of chess Masters

- to make learning chess a means to learn how to learn (anything), thus promoting the game as a new model of education for the future

- to use this powerful mental paradigm to help develop exploratory and innovative thinking mindset as opposed to the traditional focus on remembering and regurgitation of information producing left brain prisoners in massive numbers



Momir Radovic, Atlanta, Georgia
FM Carl Strugnell, Swansea, Wales, UK

September 1, 2017