Rematch Button Properties Should Change

Rematch Button Properties Should Change

Jan 3, 2016, 8:46 AM |

Why Not Change It?

It would not take much for to make a couple of simple changes that would make the Rematch button more in line with the spirit of the game and the site.

The two changes I propose are:

  1. The Rematch button should be nulled out for the winner after a game and available only to the loser (or both in the case of a draw).
  2. The message should, more correctly, read, "Username has requested a rematch - Agree | Decline"
I believe these changes are in the spirit of the site and game.  I agree that not everyone views a rematch request after a loss as insulting or pushy, but plenty do.  But I also do not see how changing it in this way would bother or hurt them.

I would be happy if they offered a control that said, "Do not accept rematch requests after losing."  Even a check box list like: ...after winning, ...after losing,  ...after a draw.  As long as the request is intercepted with no indication that it was made.

What do you think?