Summer's End: A Time of Peace?

Hi everyone! This is IM Darwin Yang returning to my blog. I apologize for the lengthy delay, caused by a busy schedule and a sickness in-between. A lot has passed both in my personal chess journey and worldwide chess news, so let's dive in!

After my last blog from the New York International I have participated in the US Junior, Quebec Open in Montreal, the Denker, and finally the LA Metro International. I'll try to give a quick rundown on the tournaments and include the games I consider instructive.

The US Junior was a rather unfortunate tournament for me, I entered my 8-player qualifying group as the second seed behind GM Conrad Holt, the official US representative to the World Junior. I had high hopes to reach the Final, but I was badly off form. I lost to both the afore-mentioned Holt and the highly talented Jeffrey Xiong (also from Dallas, coincidentally). Congratulations to the US Junior Champion, IM (soon to be GM) Marc Arnold, and the runner up FM Alec Getz!

Next I headed to Montreal for the Quebec Open, a strong invitational of around 40 players where I hoped to get my final Grandmaster norm. Rather unluckily, after my 3rd game I contracted a fever and was forced to withdraw after my 4th game because I was too sick. Very interesting was my game against 16-year old world class GM Wesley So, which I lost:


Denker resulted in a tie for first with Atulya Shetty, which was slightly disappointing but nothing to complain about.

Finally, I headed to Los Angeles for the Metro International. Unfortunately, many foreign players withdrew right before the tournament, depriving it of Super Swiss status (now all the norm seekers had to play 4 foreign players). Many GMs did not finish the tournament as well, for example some heading to Turkey for the Olympiad. I started the tournament with two draws, but I managed to come back and finished with 6/9 for 5th place. Because of the foreign player limit, I was unable to qualify for the GM norm. In any case, here was my best game, a great example of how to build up an attack with Black in the French against IM Jack Peters:

School will be starting up soon, so my chess activities will lessen slightly, but I hope to get my final norm before the end of this year.
Moving on to World News: The interesting topic is of course the arrest of Garry Kasparov. He has been acquitted of unlawful protests and looks to press charges against the police for wrongfully accusing him of biting one of their officers. Leave your thoughts in the comments below: What is your opinion on the whole situation? Are you happy about the way Kasparov has brought politics into the world of chess, or would you prefer to keep chess news limited to chess?
Thank you for reading, and I hope you all finish your summers in style! Good luck in your endeavors, chess or otherwise! Signing out.


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    Hello. To answer your question, I believe chess news should be limited to chess, and should definitely not include politics. I believe that in the game of chess, people are already deeply divided, with their main intention being only to beat the other guy across the board. If we inject politics into this, the divisions are going to get worse. Plus, what does politics have to do at all with chess? Chess news are mainly didactic, so that we can improve in chess. Politics doesn't teach us anything in chess. So, just leave what Kasparov is doing with the Russian news.

    By the way, how old are you and how in the world can you handle this chess stuff with your school things? I really wish I could reach your level, but for me school is getting in the way. Thanks.

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    NM Petrosianic

    Thank you for the instructive games. Smile

    my opinion is that kasparov is no longer a professional chess player and what he does is his business.  although imo, it is stupid to enter governmental politics in many countries, to tell people what they want to hear and always wanted, to some favor, and under scrutiny - it requires somebody of sociopathic nature, to be successful - in the US, this success, means who can raise the most money for their party gets the perks, appts. to commitees, etc.  also, politics is very difficult on families, and there are worldwide interferences and repercussions from some policies, there are some unnatural, unwanted, and unwonted Innocent pressures.

    politics is difficult in any field or government, and in Russia, especially so!  why b/c there is an established hierarchy, and Russia is doing well enough economically that people will not risk their lives to revolt.

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