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    • Final GM Norm in SF!

      Hi everybody, Darwin Yang here; considering that I posted about my last two GM norms, I thought that I would do the same for my final one and wrap up the whole thing. Hopefully my experience/commentary will help some of you in the future :)   T... | Read More

    • Summer's End: A Time of Peace?

      Hi everyone! This is IM Darwin Yang returning to my blog. I apologize for the lengthy delay, caused by a busy schedule and a sickness in-between. A lot has passed both in my personal chess journey and worldwide chess news, so let's dive in! After... | Read More

    • Success in New York!

      The scene was set for the 5th New York International (6/20-6/24) at St. John's Manhattan Campus in NYC. Strong players had gathered from all across the US for both norms and prizes. As seems to have become a tradition, I traveled to my 4th consecu... | Read More

    • 2012 Chicago Open

      Greetings all! This is IM Darwin Yang reporting on the 2012 Chicago Open, where I met up with several other ambassadors including David and Danny. I hope this comes to you in good condition, and that you all have been having a good summe... | Read More

    • St. Louis: 1st GM norm!

      Greetings again, members, for my blog post for April! It has been an eventful month for me, beginning with the St. Louis Invitational from April 9-13.Situated in one of the leading clubs in the country, I could not refuse the chance to ... | Read More

    • 28th NA Masters: Youngest Player's POV

      (Credits for the photo go to Paul Truong) Greetings! With this blogpost I'd like to introduce myself for the first time to the community. If you don't know, my name is Darwin Yang and I am a 15 year-old IM from Dallas, Texas.... | Read More