Achieved: Full House

Achieved: Full House

Jan 24, 2018, 3:35 AM |

Yes, the feature of Achievement has been with us for a while. I have notice and is some what annoyed to get an achievement that I earned years ago. Like completing 1000 Daily Chess! So I am not so enthusiastic about it. Its not gonna affect my chess any way.


I played three games under time control 15+10 today. I am trying to create a good mind set for a scheduled game hours later. Earlier I tuned up my rusty head with a few tactics, most of which I got right, and one lesson on strategy which I failed miserably. Ok ok, no pressure after a long vacation from Chess.


The first game is not so good. I allowed a tactic which I thought will work on my favor and then did not see an in-between check which loses everything so I resigned on the spot. The second game is a slow struggle under the King's Indian Defense which I won with high morale. Both games against the same opponent even though its supposed to be a random search.


My opponent issued a rematch which I felt obliged to accept.


I was surprised to see my opponent resigned. I thought its a bug. Then I looked at the final position.

I wonder if I will not see that the knight has no where to go should the game proceeds. But hey, I won against a higher rated opponent and somehow boosted my airhead ... I mean ahhhh... my morale for the upcoming scheduled match. So I set to study the three games. But when I clicked HOME I found a weird looking notice.


FULL HOUSE. This is not a card game. So I read on. "You won without losing any pieces".  REALLY?! Did I had a pre-arranged game as to win without losing anything? Oh wait, pieces does not include pawns. The final position of the last game is still in my memory. So I went back to my last game and counted my pieces. AMAZING!!! In addition to having a miniature in the Ruy Lopez (which is the "should be" topic of this blog) I have a cool achievement.


Now the new Achievement feature is not so bad after all. So I browsed my achievements to check out other cool stuffs. 10,000 Daily Chess Games? Now that is an achievement of a life time for me. ^_^