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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution

Dec 31, 2017, 7:32 AM 6

Play Chess! My new year resolution for 2018 is to play chess.

I have been slacking this past few weeks. I've been busy with other things like work, studying website development, and other online games. These activities has deteriorated my chess. So before the year actually change I will play some games.

The Sicilian Defense: Lasker-Dune Attack is not so common in master games. I wonder how far I can go with this opening. For the mean time I am happy to have 3 winning streaks in this opening.


Aha, it is indeed a Caro variation, English Opening: Caro-Kann Defensive System, 2.g3. Its even more rare than the first game. Getting rid of the 'opening' stuff is giving me more thrill in chess. I have applied this concept for quite a while now under the recommendation of the GingerGM, trying out as many openings as possible in early chess development.


 This really is my night. The above game transposed into three ECO but I consider this as one of my King's Indian Defense. My only blunder in this game is failure to see the strong move 28... Nf3+. I did considered that move but my idea is to capture the Queen. I did not considered that by not capturing the Queen I can gain more material and much more advantage.


Less than an hour before midnight and the change of year. I think it is good to retire for the night and enjoy the winning streak... oh ahem ahem, I mean enjoy the new years eve.



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