How to play like an engine ! :)

How to play like an engine ! :)

Oct 15, 2013, 5:14 AM |

at move 3 : the engine says that it would be best that your oponent  would have played c4 instead of h3.


at your move 3 : it says that it would be best to play c5 instead of bf5.


at your move 7 : My engine says that instead of bxc5, you should of played qa5+ and then probably take the pawn with the bishop.


So at your move 8 : Instead of a6, nc6 would be much better says the engine.


at your move 9 : Engine says : Instead of nc6, Nbd7 would be more resonable.


at your move 10 : it says that instead you should of played bc6 probably for a better outpost and a better snipe on the white kings weak square.


at your move 12 : it says that you should of played re8 instead probably for center support to launch a minority attack ( a pawn avalanche ) .


 At your move 13 : Qe7 would of been better. Probably to evantualy play qd6.


at your move 16 : It would be more scope friendly to play bc7.


at your move 17 : it would be better to play rc7


at your move 20 : It would be more attacking to play rb8.


at your move 21 : better would be nd6. 


at your move 23 : More position friendly would be nd6


at your move 26 : More strategicly would be ra6.


At Your move 27 : more attacking and space conquring would be qd7.                                                                                        

At your move 31 : More safe would be Nf7.

At your move 32 : The engine requests qc7

At your move 33 : More pressuring would be rfa8

At your move 36 : More material wise would be just grab the pawn.

At your move 39 : You should of took with the pawn and save the move ne4 fore later.