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I deffended my title ! Bring back the gold boy ! :)

I deffended my title ! Bring back the gold boy ! :)

Feb 22, 2014, 6:02 PM 16

Hey guys ! Today I played and succesfuly deffended my title and brought back the gold in the Canadian tournament that I was talking about the other day. I finished out with 7 wins, 0 losses and 0 draws. My sister also played in this tournament and she was the chalenger in the under 10 years old subdivision. She left with the title. She is the first female to ever posess a title in this Canadian chess tournament. It is a very good coinsidence that me and my two friends Curtis and Samuel also ended up on the podium. But what I really hate is that we had to fight for the top positions. We three played in the playoffs with another random dude ( Dont know how old or where he is from ) I beat both Samuel and Curtis, and then Curtis beat the other dude and then Samuel beat the other dude too. So that was the playoffs. Samuel and Curtis had to play two matches because they lost against me. So the randome guy was the one who lost and we left with me in the gold medal position, Curtis in the Silver medal position and Samuel in the Bronze position. There are some people that I played against in this tournament that I recognised from last year. Like the chalenger for thte title. After the playoffs, I had to deffend my title. So all in all, I played 6 matches and then the playoffs, and then the title. The chalenger was named Alexi. I will not give his last name on the internet ( sorry but I know better. ) Everybody couldnt believe it last year that I beat him and took the title. Thats all they would talk about once people knew I would take on Alexi again. It was a serious match. He was up for revenge and I wasnt interested in letting my title down. He had it for 5 years in a row ! And then I came in lol. Curtis and Samuel wished me luck and people were even taking pictures and videos. Some people knew me from chess.com and they were pleased to see me there. The match took about an hour our 45 minutes or something like that Undecided. Samuel and Curtis was waiting at the door when he knew that the match was about to finish. They didnt have a very good view. It was crowded. But they were there and I knew that, I didnt want to let them down ! Who would !? But I had a slight advantage in the midle game. But they were complicated lines and they were risky. It leaded us to a tactical endgame and I put everything on the line and I took the risks and I shaked the teens hand and he left. I wrote down the results. 0-1 on the paper. There we go, All done. I won again and the dream does not stop today lol ! So I left after that and thte arbiters had a close view of the match and they said that they were impressed. People were filming and my sister was taking pictures lol. But All I really wanted to know was that if my sister won her last round or not. That made me nervous too. She won the gold and I was very happy and I said Good job ! Smile I was very happy and proud of her. My sister won 1st place and I succesfuly defended my title. And The Samuel and Curtis were very exited. As soon as he saw me walk off and say bring the title back home son ! Smile He jumped up in the air and he said YES ! He was very happy and he just laughed. I also congradulated them for theire silver and bronze. Thanks for reading and see ya next time ! :)    

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