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My story

My story

Nov 24, 2013, 5:18 PM 3

Well, I have an interesting chess story. Its the story of how I started and how I continued in my chess life. So, it was a summer day. I was only 5 years old. I saw things like lego and puzzles. Wich I liked but on the other table I saw two people playing a board game with pieces. The game looked like a medival war. It seemed cool to me. And then I heard the telephone ring. And I saw the oldest player go awnser the phone. So I thought that this was my chance to ask the other chess player how to play while the other one was on the phone. So as weird as it was to ask sombody how to play a game that you dont even know what the name was, I asked him how to play. So they explained me how to play and I learned it quite quickly. I was an ok chess player at first but nothing impressive. This was my usual opening :


And now I have improved alot. And the players hwo thought me to play chess are so proud of me hahaha. They brag by saying : Hey ! do you know SebLeb !? Yeah ! I thought that kid ! :) And they tell everybody about the tournaments that I won. lol. And I am somewhat emberassed :) And now I am very happy that I asked them to teach me. And today, chess is my passion.


- SebLeb0210 

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