The amateure to IM book review

The amateure to IM book review

Sep 3, 2013, 1:28 PM |

The Amateure to IM book is a book for endgame lovers only. Here is a couple of things that this book has : 

- introduction

- calculating with a goal in mind

-key squares in pawn endgame

-opposition and outflanking

-an arsenal of positions

-summary of ideas ( I love this part Wink )

- theoretical notes

- and much much more ( I could go on for a long time Laughing )

This book is riten by IM Jonathan Hawkins ( 3 GM norms ) and is self thaught. 

Here is the link to his profile :

( this author is very frequently in the top live game )

this is a example of a puzzle he gave in the book :