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The curse is broken !

The curse is broken !

Sep 23, 2013, 4:50 PM 1

A couple months ago I hit 1468 rating in bullet... I wanted to get to 1500 in bullet, Since I started off my bullet journey by beating a 1700 rated player I thought it was going great Smile but then I saw one of my friends and lets just say I paid a lot of rating points to him... now I am dow in the 1300 s ! thats one of the worst ratings of my life ! so my natural instinct is to fighht back and get my road back to 1500... 
I AM A FIGHTER ! now since my confidence went down a lot, I lost once a gain, I am now at 1330 ! I cant get back with +3 all the way ! At the end of the week I managed to squeez in some time to fight my way at 1395... still a horible rating, but if I am going anywear, I am going to 1400 again I guesse. Undecided So I played my way back with +3 all the way ! and now... last match, You have to win this Sebastien I told myself desperatly. And ofcourse back to 1345 it is Frown... This happened 4 times in a row ! again and again for half of the year ! today, ladys and gentalmens... 1397 is present know, a different rating ! finaly something different ! The '' Curse '' I call it, is broken ! and know I give myself a try, what does 1397 +3 make ?! I realy hope I win this, or else, it will not be very plesant Laughing. And on this day... september 25, I had to shake successe's hand. I was going to a survival in the cadetes ( training for millitary services ) I had no time for chess. Its now or nothing. this bullet game realy showed the word bullet in the time control... http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=607291149


I think I will let this go for a little while. Dont want to hit the curse again ! Laughing

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