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The mammoth book of chess book review

The mammoth book of chess book review

Aug 29, 2013, 4:46 PM 1

The mammoth book of chess is a 560 page book that I highly recommend Wink. The reason why is that this book is almost like the bible of the chess players Laughing It has great advice, over 50 puzzles, and I would say 150 of the greatest games analysed by a FM              ( Graham Burgesse ) and much, much, more ! Smile and it will allow you to improve in chess in a very fun way. ex : Capablanca's storry while telling you the tricks that he used to improve. ( Other players like Carlsen and Alhekine ect. will also be used for this.) And if you ever had a problem with understanding a popular opening, this book will for sure help you. It also has very interesting and funny tournament storys that is quite injoyable. And the nice thing is that you know that what you are doing is right because it is all told by a FM. This book has much more and will keep you busy Laughing.

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