Sith_Nazgul's Chess Puzzles

Awesome puzzles to improve your chess tactics, and to appreciate the beauty of chess!

    • Even More Puzzles

      Welcome to Joe's Chess Club. Why don't you take a walk around and see what's happening? And make sure you add up your points for each puzzle you solve. Your total amount of points will indicate how good you are.   1. For 3 points. Joe sat down ... | Read More

      • Sith_Nazgul
      • | May 15, 2013
    • Top 3 Most Beautiful Knight Checkmates

      No 3.   No 2.   No 1.    If you have any more mating patterns that you think beat the likes of the Cat's Cradle or the Venus Fly Trap, please post them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Thanks! | Read More

    • Puzzles That Will Melt Your Brain

      White to play and mate in 6.   White to play and mate in 8.   White to move and mate in 6.   White to move and mate in 8.   White to move and NOT mate!!     Well done for getting through these ones! Has your brain melted yet? If... | Read More

      • Sith_Nazgul
      • | Aug 15, 2012
    • Puzzle Pack 3- Advanced

            I'd be surprised if you're not titled and you got two or more of these puzzles. They are very hard! If you would prefer to chillax, try some of my easier puzzle packs. If you're really feeling confident, try my fourth and final... | Read More

    • Puzzle Pack 2- Intermediate

            Don't worry if you didn't get most of them. They are of some difficulty. The calculations are quite short but there are some moves which are easy to overlook. If you did get most of them, go to the top of the clas... | Read More

    • Puzzle Pack 1- Beginner

          Did you enjoy these puzzles? Were they too easy? Take your tactics to the next level with 'Puzzle Pack 2- Intermediate' and improve your problem solving and thinking ability!       | Read More