My Big Fat Chess Quiz

My Big Fat Chess Quiz

Nov 25, 2007, 7:06 AM |

I really enjoy quizzes so I thought I'd set a chess quiz for fellow members.  I've tried not to make it too hard, but also tried to have enough tougher questions to sort out the serious chess fans from the dilettantes! Wink 


1. Who were 5 original chess 'Grandmasters', having the title conferred on them by Tsar Nicholas II in 1914?

2. What does the acronym FIDE stand for?

3. Who achieved the highest Elo rating ever, and what was it?

4. Who wrote that “Excellence at chess is one mark of a scheming mind”?

5. Who am I?  Born in 1956 in England, I earned a doctorate in Mathematics before going on to win the British Chess Championship 3 times.  Noted for my imaginative style, my peak world ranking was 4th in 1989.

6.  What chess time control is also known as bullet chess?

7. Who is this beautiful lady?

8. What name starting with an ‘A’ is given to an official who oversees the running of an important chess match?

9. In which year was the en-passant rule introduced? 

10. Benjamin Franklin was a chess enthusiast.  What was the name of the collection of essays he wrote on chess?

11. According to FIDE rules, is it legal to write your move down before you play it on the board?

12. Which of these is NOT a recognized chess opening?

  • The Frankenstein-Dracula Opening
  • The Monkey's Bum
  • The Abracadabra Opening
  • The Orangutan 

13. Who was the first official world chess champion?

14. What does the term 'underpromotion' mean?

15. In chess notation, what does it mean if a move has the symbols !? after it?

16. What is a kibitzer? 

17. Top female Grandmaster Judit Polgar has two children.  What are their names? 

18. What profession did Ruy Lopez have?

19. Which famous chess player played two brilliant games that became known as the ‘Immortal game’, and the ‘Evergreen game’?

20. Who is this? 


No prizes for the best score, apart from bragging rights.Smile


EDIT:  It seems as if some people may be getting error messages when they try to comment on this blog entry.  If you find that you are unable to leave a comment, I've started a forum thread so you can post comments/answers there. Smile