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    • Vasily Smyslov's 85th birthday interview, 2006

      Source Two weeks have passed since 85th birthday of the seventh chess world champion, Vasily Smyslov. Vasily Vasilievich holds a record for the longest world championship performance career. He came second in the tournament for the vacant title a... | Read More

    • Vasily Smyslov's 75th birthday interview, 1996

      Recorded by Yakov Damsky.   Talent in chess... I think it's the feeling of harmony. How quickly the player understands the position, how well is their intuition developed. This can be said about any profession, and in chess, it's determined by ... | Read More

    • Alekhine's Puzzles - can you solve them?

      Taking those out of Alekhine/Vilner anecdote. Puzzle #1. The game starts from following position. White can do 8 moves in a row, but only on the first 4 ranks. Then, after this preparation, they have to mate Black in four moves or earlier, reg... | Read More

    • Who saved Alexander Alekhine?

      A part of Sergei Tkachenko's extensive article about the master Yakov Vilner. "...In Odessa, a very strong tournament should have taken place, with Alekhine, Evenson, Bogoljubov, Dus-Chotimirsky, Bohatirchuk and other renowned players. Alas, the... | Read More

    • Tigran Petrosian. Foreword to Aron Nimzowitsch's "Chess Praxis", 1979

      This is Nimzowitsch! Isn't it anachronistic to reissue a book that was first published exactly half a century ago in our times? The book that, as the author himself, A. Nimzowitsch - one of the strongest chess players of our century - promises to... | Read More

    • Mikhail Tal. Foreword to Aron Nimzowitsch's "My System", 1972

      Some words about Nimzowitsch and this book. This old book, published countless times in many forms and languages, is as though saturated with the eternal chess youth elixir. The chess players' generations come and go, discussions sparkle and fade... | Read More

    • Petr Romanovsky. Foreword to Aron Nimzowitsch's "Chess Blockade". 1925

      When time passes, and some chess historian will sum up the rapid progress of the art of chess in the post-War (WWI) period and thoroughly analyze all the forms of modern chess creativity, they'll have to find a special place for Aron Isaevich Nimz... | Read More

    • Aron Nimzowitsch: "How I became a Grandmaster", part 4

      Part 1, part 2, part 3 Games section I wish to give the reader a more concrete idea of my chess evolution, so I offer you some games of mine, mostly played during the early period of my chess career (1902-1907). In these games, I still chase th... | Read More

    • Aron Nimzowitsch: "How I became a Grandmaster", part 3

      Read part 1 here and part 2 here. VI Barmen debacle in August 1905 as the last and decisive stimulus: I finally get down to work! (1906) In the beginning of 1905, I took part in a Vienna tournament (1st - Schlechter, 2nd - H. Wolf; I finished 6... | Read More

    • Aron Nimzowitsch: "How I became a Grandmaster", part 2

      You can read Part 1 here IV Of joys and sorrows of combination The main mistake of my education was not, of course, that the first lessons weren't exactly up to the highest standards we've come to expect from modern chess education. I had big r... | Read More