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    • Hart House Holiday Open U1900

      Note: This post was originally made, only to be deleted after I hit the submit button. To anyone making blogs: save every 30 minutes.  Game 1: Melanie 1546 Game 2: Shojaie 1696 Game 3: Lan Qian 1784   Game 4: Harry Zhao 1696   Game 5... | Read More

    • Grand Prix Rapid Championship

      Time control: 20 minutes per person.  Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Game 5:  Lessons 1. In time pressure, be extra vigilent to look for those cheap tactics 2. Improve the ability to win won positions in the most efficient way pos... | Read More

    • North American Youth Chess Championship

      Changed my match strategy to play for a win in every game. This sort of worked as I did get a lot of winning/better positions. Unfortunetely, it revealed my weaknesses in tactics and endgames. Worst of all was time pressure, which really messed me... | Read More

    • Typical Noob Moves in Chess

           I played a lot of tournaments in the past few months. I got some delicious victories and also rather painful executions. Nontheless, they were experiences from which I learned a great deal.       From these games, I wanted to search f... | Read More

    • Canadian Open Chess Championship 2013

      Canadian Open took place from July 13 to July 20. Eventually got 4/7 with 4 losses, 3 wins, and two draws.  Round 1: Miladin Djorkovic 2287 Basically a massacre from move 1. White blows his slight opening advantage by missing that critical shot... | Read More

    • Canadian Youth Chess Championship 2013

           Possibly the worst tournament of my entire life. I start the tournament with a healthy 1.5/2 and end up losing three games in a row. And they were all games I either should have drawn or won. Darn it! It sucks to lose to 1700 players espec... | Read More

    • Eastern Ontario Open U1900

           This tournament took place from July 22-23 at a community centre in Ottawa, Canada. Time control was 90 min + 30 seconds. Eventually tied for first place with a score of 4/5. Many of these games are quite instructive.  Game 1: Stanley Wu... | Read More

    • Ontario Youth Chess Championship

      The Ontario Youth Chess Championship took place between April 27-28. I always find that these provincal tournmanets have two types of players, "da experts" and "da nubes". Either you have the top players ranging 2000-2200 or the guys swimming at a... | Read More

    • Toronto High School Chess Championship

      So I participated in a recent tournament recently. The players pretty much alternate between really strong and really weak.  The first two rounds were pretty much just a mop up from something like move 6 on.  Round 1 Round 2:  And I spe... | Read More

    • My Games Against Titled Players

      I'm an average 1700 strength player so games against titled players are something to be savoured. Even though these games were played in blitz time control, there were good lessons to be learned in each one.  I found out that for unpaid members,... | Read More