Canadian Youth Chess Championship U16

Aug 20, 2012, 10:43 AM |

This was the first tournament that I found myself in the prescence very strong players. Having a modest rating of 1307 CFC at the time, I found myself in a field in which half of the players were expert level or higher. Naturally, I got roasted in most of the games but a victory over someone over 600 rating points higher than me gave me some "moral comfort."

Well, that certainly made me feel better about myself after getting crushed 2 of my first 3 games!

Here is another nice victory. 

Still, I'm not sure that 13.d4 was very strong.Was white better after cxd4, Nxd4 or not?

Well, these two victories certainly made  my life more livable. Certainly, the experience was very exciting!

Now, of course there were plenty of loses to make me feel very terrible about myself.

And then there were the games that I really didn't care about because my opponents were either so high rated or so low rated.