My Win Against a 2350 player

Dec 20, 2012, 2:43 PM |

Really proud for pulling this one off. My opponent played the dragon sicillian which helped me a lot. As numerous players, including Bobby Fisher have said, the dragon yugoslav attack is so easy. The attack is so straight forward that even beginners beat masters with it. 

My bullet rating at the time was only 1200 while my opponent's was 2350. Let this be a game to demonstrate just how easy slaying the dragon is. 

Dont judge us too harshly on the poor quality of this game. it was bullet after all. But what this demonstrates is that in the dragon, white's attack is so much more natural than black's. Its going to be tough to get good positions on the black side. 

Nevertheless, it was a great pleasure to beat someone so high rated, even if it was bullet.