Ontario Youth Chess Championship

Apr 29, 2013, 4:19 PM |

The Ontario Youth Chess Championship took place between April 27-28. I always find that these provincal tournmanets have two types of players, "da experts" and "da nubes". Either you have the top players ranging 2000-2200 or the guys swimming at about 800-900 level. 

    Well, I managed to win second in this one,  on pure luck more than skill. I basically made 3 wins against "da nubes" and 1 draw with a 1900 player (I should have won that game damn it). Also got smashed in the first round, was completely lost after 14 moves. 

Game 2: Verses some guy that could not see scolar's mate. 

Game 3: Faced off against rebecca Zhang who despite being lower rated, gave me a helluvalot of trouble. 

Round 4: Draw against a 1900 player. Should have won if I saw the critical tactic. But I didn't. I really need to learn to recognize the critical positions better...

Round 5: I had a uncontrollably fit of laughter during this game and was told off by an arbiter. Other opponents joined in the giggling after seeing the position. Darn, I kind of feel sorry for my opponent.

This propelled me to getting a score of 3.5 thereby clinching second place. But seriously, this tournament does not make sense. I won 2nd with a performace rating of about 1578. Other players behind me had performace ratings of 2000+. Whoever is running these tournaments seriously need to revise their regulations. 

There was also an incidence of one player, rated 1678, playing the same 1200 player twice. Seriously, thats like giving 2 free points. I dunno, but that girl's dad has close connections with the Canadian Chess Federation so it is quite suspicious. 

Anyway, I qualified for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship in July. Hopefully, I would be able to do better in that tournament than I did this one.