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    • Hammer brings class to chess streaming

      I'm a newbie to the chess streaming scene - but having followed various Danny Rensch broadcasts for the last couple of years, I got an idea what it's about: It's who screams the loudest, makes the biggest mistakes, has the best trash-talk. Forg... | Read More

    • The toughest challenge

      There's a standard moment in most feel-good movies: At some point everything works out, and all your dreams come true. I kinda had that moment recently, when I was told the organizers of the NorwayChess tournament wanted me in it. In December, I ... | Read More

    • Staying sharp

      My life changed drastically the fall of last year. I got accepted to Oslo City College - their bachelor's degree in journalism. All of a sudden, going to tournaments had to become rare - so I got a problem: How would I get to play as much chess as... | Read More

    • Elusive secrets of success

      People often ask me how they can become better chess players. I tell them it's important to play a lot (for instance on chess.com's live server!) and read chess books - simply enjoy working on your chess.But I find my answer to be very superficial... | Read More

    • A queenside sacrifice to beat the King’s Indian

      The King’s Indian is one of the most complicated openings in chess. White focuses his attention on the queenside, trying to advance his pawns and create dangerous outposts for his pieces. Black on the other hand tries the exactly same thing –... | Read More

    • The Importance of Swift Redemption

      In the recently concluded World Championship match, there was one moment more important than the others: Game number 8, in which the eventual winner Anand won a quick victory. In post-match interviews, Anand credited that game as the most importa... | Read More

    • Work and Play

      For many people, chess is work. It's what they do. There's pressure to perform your very best - always. Otherwise you'd be letting yourself down. And there's no tougher judge than yourself. At least I know I'm really hard on myself for losses.But ... | Read More

    • Rocking live chess

      You sit there with tension in your shoulders, an intense glare and focus on what you are doing. Your opponent made an unexpected series of moves, and you realize you're lost. You'd love to get a break - take a timeout, but your opponent strikes yo... | Read More

    • Visiting St. Louis

      Read this and other entertaining stories at my blog, www.gmhammer.wordpress.com/blog. Right after I had attended an event in Dubai, I got on a plane headed for London Heathrow. My ultimate goal was St. Louis, Missouri, and the US Chess Championsh... | Read More

    • The Truth About Magnus: MC2460!

      Though nothing disappoints me more than to reveal the devastating, and perhaps career threatening, secrets of my fellow countryman Magnus Carlsen, the time has come to clean out my closets. When Magnus Carlsen told me last week that he plans to ... | Read More