PRO Chess League Playoff Week 3 Predictions

PRO Chess League Playoff Week 3 Predictions


48 teams have become 8 and it's getting really exciting as the PRO Chess League has reached its quarterfinals!

I am second in the pundit prediction contest, so I'll need to score 4 out of 4 if I am going to have a chance to catch up with leader Alex King.

Eastern Division:

Gorky Stormbringers 7
Norway Gnomes 9

The Stormbringers from Russia have shocked everyone so far in the event, but I can't imagine them knocking out the Gnomes once again fielding the World Champion.

Central Division:

Marseille Migraines 9,5
Stockholm Snowballs 6,5

This is a tough one to call, but seeing how the Frenchmen performed last week, I expect them to clinch this one as well.

Atlantic Division

Montreal Chessbrahs 8,5
Buenos Aires Krakens 7,5

I am still a fan of the Chessbrahs, and nothing would be better than seeing them in the final against the Gnomes!

Pacific Division:

Saint Louis Arch Bishops 9,5
Webster Windmills 6,5

With Wesley So scoring an amazing 22 out of 24, the Arch Bishops will move on to the semi final.