A full 1.d4 repertoire: help wanted!

A full 1.d4 repertoire: help wanted!


After spending three days developing the Caro-Kann resource with full service paid to each line in MCO, I find myself daunted at the prospect of doing the same for my 1.d4 repertoire.

For this reason, I'm looking for assistance in producing in puzzle format MCO lines from the following 1.d4 openings and their variations: 

The Slav (TheAdvocate)
The Queen's Gambit Accepted (TheAdvocate)
The Queen's Gambit Declined (Commander_Riker)
The Queen's Indian Defence (TheAdvocate)
The Grunfield Defence
The King's Indian Defence (chessicstudent)
The Benko/Volga Gambit (marbh_shainn)
The Benoni (TheAdvocate)
The Dutch (hamjamt)
The Modern

I can supply excerpts from MCO that will serve as a basis for the variations and their lines. You'll then reproduce the lines in puzzle format, beginning at 1.d4 so as to play the lines from White's perspective. If you'd like to produce a puzzle playing with the Black pieces, there's really nothing to it! The fastest process I've found is to type the pgn from the MCO line, then copy that pgn BEFORE producing the puzzle as White. Insert the puzzle, create a new one, paste the pgn you typed and then "set focus" to 1.d4. This will begin the puzzle at 1.d4, making it Black to move. I've made a quick example in my Slav post, which can be found on my blog.

You can find the basis for this system, the Caro-Kann post, here: http://www.chess.com/blog/nickguyrees/caro-kann-defense

Thanks for reading, and incha'allah we'll be working together in the future.

Edit: my vision after all of the work is done is to assemble all of the blog posts so that I can make certain due service is paid to both the Black and White sides of the openings and so that I can add other material (YouTube videos, links to articles, relevant books). All credit will be given to the original contributors to the project. Afterwards I'll round robin lines between chess engines (currently have access to Stockfish, Toga II, Phalanx, and Scidlet, so it should be a good data set) in order to see middlegame ideas. The round robin games will then go under each line, and I and other contributors will do a write up. We could also just look for master games playing the lines, which has the advantage of being played by human players but the disadvantage of being a limited data set. Ah well, we'll cross that river when we come to it.

Thanks again for reading.