A reply to the Smith Morra

A reply to the Smith Morra

FM TheMagician
Apr 17, 2011, 6:45 PM |

A recent reply to criticisms of playing the Smith Mora Gambit -general discussion.

I play that in Lightning Chess because often with a Space advantage and black not having an attacking plan , white can dominate, rattle off moves. gain time etc and thats half the battle.

Ignore what fools say about d6 refutations. At local chess level youre NOT playing grandmasters and you can steamroll your opponents. You only need a shoe to kill an ant, but you may need an elephant gun to kill a rampaging bull elephant (GM). Trust me, in small local club chess they are usually ants and the Smith Morra will do the job. However, why give up a pawn using your sandshoe when you can use your sandals (other openings) to kill the same ants? 

John Curtis FM