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    • Remembering Bobby Fisher

      Here is a Superb game Bobby lost-But frankly, I dont know where on earth he went wrong. Robert James Fischer vs Wolfgang UhlmannBuenos Aires (1960)  ·  French Defense: Winawer. Advance Variation (C19)  ·  0-1  1. e4 e6  2. d4 ... | Read More

    • One way to handle Defensive Players

      Today, id like to share an instructional game with notes on one simple way to overcome a defensive player who simply digs in and waits for you to go and get him, hoping you might overextend your position.  hope you enjoy this game from round one ... | Read More

    • Anand Carlsen Comment

      Anand manouverings 'sham'ooverings! it is my considered opinion Vishy (whom i admire very much) is playing boring safe manouvering chess and has done so from the inception of this match literally burying any hope of winning. He lacks HUNGER to W... | Read More

    • The GM who got away....

      Everyone has one memorable game they regret slipped through their fingers as the sands in the hourglass pass time. My such regrettable opportunity occurred 42 years ago when i was 19yrs old.  was playing Grandmaster Lothar Schmidt of West Germa... | Read More

    • Peter Parr Obituary

      Peter Parr, a Father of Chess in Sydney Australia passed away last week. A Chess Jourrnalist, An international Chess Arbiter,A Captain of The Australian Olympiad Team, Peter Parr did it all. i tried to find a game  lost to Peter, yet i did fin... | Read More

    • Dedication to Rory Curtis (son) decd

      This is my game from Round 1 of the New South Wales Country Teams Championships which my team won and I dedicated to my 19yr old sons memory. If you know any teenagers who seem gloomy just ask them if they are okay ok?  | Read More

    • Help Required

      Many many years ago I played the Grunfeld Opening and was able to put a piece on pris which could not be taken . My next move I put another piece on prise and my opponent would lose if either piece was captured . Then on my next consecutive m... | Read More

    • ChessCoaching Beginners

      Okay. So why the picture of the Elephant with a ball? Well I was just contemplating that in Chess you must "keep your eye on the Ball". It is simply not enough to learn openings like a parrot. Parrots dont play top chess. If your opponent makes... | Read More

    • Very good Chess Poem

      Chess Poem Battlefield of Life I make this pledge to you alone, that I shall serve your royal throne. My silver sword, I gladly wield. Squares eight times eight the battlefield. With knights upon their mighty steed the front line pawns have vowed... | Read More

    • Entertaining Odyssey-Tribute to Chernev

      I purposely tried to be creative and a wee bit entertaining in my notes. In this 3 minute game I drew on my early memory of Irving Chernevs book " Logical Chess Move By Move and emulated his teachings. I also used the tip I got from former Au... | Read More