Anand Carlsen Comment

Anand Carlsen Comment

FM TheMagician
Nov 18, 2013, 10:35 PM |

Anand manouverings 'sham'ooverings!

it is my considered opinion Vishy (whom i admire very much) is playing boring safe manouvering chess and has done so from the inception of this match literally burying any hope of winning. He lacks HUNGER to Win!!

Forget about losing face by taking RiSKS!! Vishy must NOT say to himself i am already a World Champion i will get an honorable score in this match.

Hunker and Bunker down and throw the proverbial kitchen sink at this bloke. Bobby was behind Spassky.Bobby did it. its there for the taking. Vishy must think like hes a 23yr old with nothing to lose.

if Vishy gave me a late callup to be his chess motivator in Chenai d get a rocket up him ,hole up in a room , and itd be like watching clark kent remove his glasses and rip off his be Up Up n away ...a Real Chess match by my Superman with the Super mind. Check your chair for Kryptonite Vishy!! Bobby did it!!