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Many many years ago I played the Grunfeld Opening and was able to put a piece on pris which could not be taken .

My next move I put another piece on prise and my opponent would lose if either piece was captured .

Then on my next consecutive move I put a third piece on prise and he was totally lost.

Is this called a Russian Cartwheel? Can you recall any beautiful games with this theme? Id love to see one or more games with this beautiful theme!!

I know they come rarely, I only played one in my Chess lifetime of 43 years Im 59


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    FM TheMagician

    Thankyou for chess700 contribution..however,

    I actually cant recover or recall my game . Mine was from a real game with equal pieces on the board playing black side of a Gruenfeld in the middlegame. I recall all pieces i left En Prise were on the Queenside

    So I was hoping to see perhaps a REal GM game with this theme. I recall vaguely GM Gligoric left two of his pieces on in his blacksided Kings Indian game

    THank you Chessfriends Smile

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    Show the game....

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    he means ''a prise en passent'' :

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    FM gauranga

    The White pawn structure on the kingside looks impossible to achieve.

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    He means "En prise"


    (from French; "in danger", often italicized) En prise describes a piece or pawn exposed to a material winning capture by the opponent. This is either a hanging piece, an undefended pawn, a piece attacked by a less valuable attacker, or a piece or pawn defended insufficiently. For instance, after 1.e4 Nf6 2.Nf3? leaves White's e-pawn en prise.

    -From wikipedia

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    i think this works, but very unlikely position, and there may be another solution that i haven't spotted..
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    The expression en price means "for nothing". In this case it means that he put undefended piece on a square attacked by his opponent. For example playing Nc5 as black with white pawn on d4.

    P.S. It would be really nice if you could show us the game in question.

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    How about posting the game?

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