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Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking a look, as I will update things that happen in my life and many other things!


    • Great People and Things on

      Hello! Tomorrow will be my 2nd Year on, and I'd like to say a few words about some great people.  One of them would absolutely be CalbaMan. (yes, his name is a link!) CalbaMan is a great guy, but he is not on very often an... | Read More

    • Happy Halloween!

      Hello! Halloween is a great time of the year to earn candy, play with friends, and etc. I will be dressing up as a ninja, which won't be too hard to be!  Please comment on what you will be, and what you will be doing on Halloween.  ... | Read More

    • My Top 3 Favourite Groups on

      This is my Top 3 list of favourite group on! #3 Chess Unlimited Chess Unlimited is Number 3 for me is because it's a very fun group to be in, and it's one of the top groups on!  Chess Unlimited Chess Unlimited- 2 words ... | Read More

    • Lot of Old Active Members GONE

      I've noticed as I approach my second anniversary on, that a lot of my friends I've met on when I first joined in 2010 and 2011 are gone.  Many of's older members are getting inactive and we are now getting newer one... | Read More

    • Enabled Group Invites

      Hey! I have decided to enable super admins of groups to send me invites again. So, here's a call-out to all super admins of groups! But, please consider me for admin if you would like to invite me to your group. I have joined over 150+... | Read More

    • Gone from for VACATION

      Hi! As some of you know, I'm an active contributor to But sadly, this will be one of my first times taking a loong vacation from In fact, I won't really be on my computer for 6 weeks! From June 7 - July 17, I wil... | Read More

    • Puzzle Groups

      Hello! This blog is mainly for myself so i can remember the groups that I post weekly puzzles for.  Chess Unlimited The Optimum Strategizers & Speedsters If you would like your group to have weekly puzzles from me, please contact ... | Read More

    • Non-Activeness

      Hello! Sadly, school homework has been overloaded to the top of my level. Unfortunately, I can not have too much time to be on, so I will be less active than before.  If you are waiting for my messages, please be patient bec... | Read More

    • 1st place in chess tournament!

      Hello! Recently, I just won a chess tournament, and I wanted to show you guys a couple of chess games i played.    So that was all my rounds :) Hope you enjoyed my games! If you have any comments, please place them below. | Read More

    • Merry Christmas!!!

      Hello! Merry Christmas to all!!! It has been a wonderful year of 2011. has been doing great, and I met a lot of new friends. I am so grateful to have such great friends like CalbaMan and Alan_Tudor. They are really kind, and ... | Read More