Chess 101 and Other Stuff

Chess 101 and Other Stuff

Aug 9, 2011, 12:10 PM |

Part 1

Hello fellow members of :) 

Welcome to my first blog! I'd like to tell you about this wonderful group I have created with my pal (MALVINSTARDUST). The group is called Chess 101 and it is doing great! It is only a week old and already over 50 members who have joined! 

We would love to have you along here! Chess 101 is a really fun place, so we would love if you could join :) Chess 101 has over 15 open team match challenges, and we have some vote chess games for you to participate in too. :)

Right now, we are really needing some high rated members to join, so if you are 1900 you would be gladly appreciated in the team :) And I would love if you could join in the team matches too :) 

So why wait? You can join this awesome group now by just clicking on the link.

Thank you for reading Part 1 of this blog. :) 



Part 2

Hi ya! :) 

I'm Jerry Curtis, and I am a fellow member of the awesome website, 

My regular stuff on, participating in groups, chatting, and lots more. I'd love to see you on any of my groups if you aren't a cheater, or sexual abuser. Wink

I have many friends on, and I could list them all, but I dont feel like it too much. I could be in your group today if you just send me an invite. I will only accept it if it is a cool group, looks like fun, or you have something for me if i join. Smile

Its fun playing on, and I'd love to meet more friends. So, you could also drop me a message or a note anytime! Wink I'm online usually 2-3 hours, and I'll see ya later. 


TCN Cool

(Jerry Curtis)