Moving from Birmingham to CANADA!!

Aug 12, 2011, 7:41 PM |

Hi guys - 

If you didn't hear already... I am moving from Birmingham to Canada. :) 

REASON? Its because of the terrible riots in Birmingham that have spreaded from London. 

The riots all started because of this African-American who was shot dead after British Police found out he was in a mission for some criminals. His name was Mark Duggan. 

After people found out the death of Mark Duggan, the riots started to spread everywhere in UK. Before that, the riots were very peaceful and friendly. Now, the riots are very dangerous and violent! Many criminals and thieves have joined in along to rob some stuff from stores.

If you have heard about this, you know how bad the situation in Birmingham is. Me and my family were worried that we could get into serious trouble. So we decided to move! :) 

I asked some of you guys for suggestions, and thank you for them! :) 

Now Im moving... to CANADA!!! :) 

Thanks for all the help guys :)