The Optimum - A great group!

Dec 16, 2011, 8:10 PM |


I'd like to acknowledge a wonderful group you will have to join - The Optimum! :) This group has been very kind and has been growing at such a fast rate. Its contribution has been skyrocketing, and almost every member at The Optimum is active and helping The Optimum grow!

The Optimum only accepts the best members into the group, and if you would like to join, send a request and who knows? Maybe you'll be accepted into this friendly group! Wink

A little about the Optimum - its runned by a great friend of mine - CalbaMan! He's very friendly and is one of the best admins on! If you would like to meet him, you should send him a message! :) 

I'd also like to receive messages anytime from you :) I'll send you a reply back to you!

So I hope that you can join this wonderful group today. Have a great day, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


TCN Cool

(if you would like your group advertised, feel free to send me a message and I'll post it on my next news possible! I also need to be in your group then.)