1 year anniversary song! I made it myself!

1 year anniversary song! I made it myself!

Apr 15, 2018, 10:57 AM |


~I will never leave~


365 days it seemed so long ago

Joyful and bright days, have filled my journey

And all of the bad days have faded away

Forget the bad, stick with good. That is the game


I know I will never leave

This is where I was meant to be

Friendship lasts forever

And I get to play my favorite game

No one will make me quit

I am staying forever

Chess "dot" com I'll be here for eternity


Started out in spring of twenty seventeen

Didn't feel like this was where I should be

I loved it, but then again I didn't

Had a few friends but wasn't sure what to do.


Summer drew near better days are here

Joined the CHT and chatted on live

Loved the stay and loved the game

Daily games are piling up

"Oh no better start no more!"

[Chorus is repeated]


Late twenty seventeen, got it figured out

Friends had left but, I am still here

I left for a week, and then came back

Was welcomed back by friends

I want to thank them all


Twenty eighteen, new friends have come

Still have some old ones, 1400 and Joseph

Can't wait for summer, to come back

Want it to be just like two thousand seventeen

But even… better!

[Chorus is repeated]


18,000 points…and no spam

9,000 views…my profile is something

80 clubs…as much as it should be

And 350 friends…I WANT TO THANK THEM ALL!!!!!

[Repeat chorus once more]

Chess dot com…. I will never leave!