Common question: How do I get better at chess?

Common question: How do I get better at chess?

Mar 17, 2018, 9:38 AM |

How do I get better? When can I?

Some people and their lives are busy; they have work, they have plans, and they have family and friends to hang out with. This indicates how you should fit chess into it.

First of all, chess helps the brain. It can help you solve puzzles, it can help you do math, and it can help you think better. Chess is not a simple, fun game.

Now if you are a younger person, like a kid, I recommend you playing daily most of the time during the school year. But when you can, you should try playing live. (you have school you know!)

Question: Do the Variants help in any way? Are they just for fun?

My tip is to try different variants! Why? Because they do help!

3 check helps you to look out for checks.

King of the Hill helps you to protect your king and use it for different tactics like end games.

Live 960 is random. This helps you figure out what to do when your pieces are in strange places. What I mean is that if your knights and bishops are in abnormal places, you can handle them a little better.

And Crazyhouse is just for fun. I'm not sure if it helps.

These tips are not so great, but I'm sure the variants will help somehow. Give it a shot! 

What speed should I do?

Bullet helps you when you're low on time, obviously, because you are always low on time on bullet! Being super fast is not very helpful, and causes some mistakes in normal chess. But sense you must go fast in bullet, it helps you be more aware at where the opponent moves. How? Well to be good in bullet, you must be fast and aware at the same time. Make sure your opponent didn't put you in danger, then you move! It is simple as that.

Blitz (10 minutes) is the best rated. You don't have to be worried much about the time, but you must keep an eye on it so it doesn't collapse to fast. My tips for this is:

1. Make sure your king is not in danger; look out for checks.

2. Check your queen and rooks next, if you are low on time, just check your king. If you see a fork coming up, make sure to prevent it.

3. Check the possible moves. Ask yourself "If I move there, what will I do next?"

4. (Works better in rapid and daily) Predict your opponents next move. If you know where he is going to move, then your plan can be done quicker.

5. (on daily or 30 min+ only) Create different plans. If one goes wrong, you'll have another!

These are the basic tips. 

What do I do with daily?

Daily. I recomend having 5-15 daily games on average. To much is stressful! To little is not bad, but if you have around 10, then you can learn more from more games. Daily is relaxing, because you have hours to move. I recomend 3 days (or more) so you can have plenty of time to think and move. Never rush during daily. Because of all the time you have, you can predict your opponents move easily. How? By using analysis! You can predict moves, and return back to the current state and predict moves all over again! LOL This is a good way to get better, by daily.

Any other way to get better?

Tactics. Play at least 5 tactics a day. 5 is max for normal  members, 25 for gold, 50 for silver, and 100 (I think) for platinum. Tactics can help you in different (all kinds) of situations. So do lessons. Try these almost every day to get better.

Also, when the summer comes, try everything. Try all the above. You'll get better in no time! 
Hope this helps!