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Chess Cheating - New Revelations

Chess Cheating - New Revelations

Mar 2, 2013, 2:12 AM 15

In today’s blog, I am going to cover the latest news concerning the Zadar Scandal case that shook the chess world and worried many tournament organizers whose worst nightmare came through at the Zadar Open in Croatia when a young untitled player went on to defeat some of the best Croatian chess grandmasters, one after another, in a ultra-convincing manner. 

In this blog post, I have renewed my investigation on the case and have compiled more facts and figures that were only recently made available to the public. My concise, yet exhaustive video analysis of Ivanov’s recent games and tournament participation will demonstrate his erratic intent and elusive system for defeating top chess players whenever he gets the chance to. Ivanov had now completed two other major tournaments, the Tringov Memorial and the Bulgarian Individual Semi-Final, both held one after the other in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. While in the first open, Ivanov performed poorly given his current FM-level rating, scoring a mediocre performance of just about 1950, at the semi-final, Ivanov, employed a different strategy and, again, decided to turn on his computer engines drawing and beating solid IMs without any struggle, while drawing and losing to amateur players at one and the same tournament. My analysis of his games will reveal the two very different styles of play Ivanov employs consistently nowadays. Take a moment to check out my latest video analyzing his recent games and casting more light on the infamous Zadar case of December, last year.


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