From A to Zugzwang

From A to Zugzwang

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Dan Heisman is one of the most original and respected chess coaches around today thanks to his teaching of the Dan Heisman thought process – a logical thinking method that helps players calculate more accurately, form winning strategies and avoid blunders.

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As well as coaching celebrities (including Howard Stern), Dan has introduced new terminology into the chess player’s vocabulary, “hope chess” among them.

His methods focus on developing the skills required to find good moves. That includes improving your calculation with specialized training exercizes; learning how to evaluate a position; increase your piece activity and make good strategic decisions.

There is so much to think about during the few minutes we have to choose a chess move that it’s easy to jump from one to another and not really get to the truth of the position. The Dan Heisman thought process fixes this with easy-to-follow, logical steps to finding strong moves.

It’s these ideas that I will be breaking down and revealing this Saturday in a very instructive 1 hour free training. If you want to quickly home in on the best moves in a position with some new insights, make sure you join me for this webinar.