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How to Assemble a Plan in Chess

How to Assemble a Plan in Chess

Feb 16, 2016, 7:37 AM 6

In today’s blog post, you will learn more about the key topic on planning in chess. There are two of the most important skills every chess player needs to master in order to progress and succeed in the planning: Good assessment and consistency. But how could one handle the complex nature of every position and come up with the right plan consistently? To achieve that, one needs to know the elements of planning, as well as the algorithm to use them effectively. This lecture is based on a central example – an instructive game – in which white attacks black and finds the best plan to wipe black off the board after thoroughly evaluating the critical positions and considering a number of candidate moves when necessary. I hope you enjoy my lecture below and have the chance to apply that technique in your own games in the future!

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