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How to Beat a FIDE Master

How to Beat a FIDE Master

Nov 7, 2012, 5:57 AM 6

Welcome back to my Chess.com blog! Today, I will dwell onchess training and how important it is to a beginner player. Two years ago, a novice chess player contacted me with a request to teach him to improve further in his understanding of the ancient game. At the time, he was rated at only 1100 USCF. Now, two years later, he achieved a stable rating of 1850, but what’s more impressive is that he just beat his first FIDE master the other day! In my lecture below, I am going to present you with his brilliant game and comment on how well he had mastered the concepts we covered during our training sessions together. Here, you will also learn about the many critical qualities and habits my students typically acquire during our training one-on-one over the internet. Furthermore, I will become more specific and illustrate some of the key concepts that we’ve studied in greatest depth with my student to prepare him for this immaculate game.

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