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How to Defend More Successfully!

How to Defend More Successfully!

Aug 11, 2013, 11:24 PM 9

For today’s post, I am to continue looking at the various ways of improving in chess that many players miss to include in their chess training routine. Yes, many of us do tactics, study endless opening lines, or even devote long hours to complex endgames that they may never encounter over the board in their lifetime chess practice. Still, there are many other areas of chess which are often overlooked by the majority of aspiring chess players due to their broad application and ostensible simplicity. Today, I will talk about how to defend more successfully.

But why would anyone overlook a topic of such importance. Isn’t chess about attacking and defending at the very least? Isn’t there anything more to these two opposing areas of expertise? In fact, superior defending skills are often what decides the games between strong masters who blundered earlier in the games. How many times have we lost to stronger players after completely outplaying them at certain point, only to see them running away with the full point, after our failed attack? Successful defense is what stronger players use as their secret weapon to skillfully avoid some terrible losses that they would have had otherwise. 

In today’s video, I will demonstrate you some important concepts and principles that will boost your defense skills and improve your chances of saving lost positions, as well as withstanding the vicious attacks of your strongest opponents. Defending requires more than good calculation. The knowledge of which ideas to implement at the right time happens to be crucial when one needs to defend their position. Nevertheless, there are many patterns that one needs to get acquainted with in order to become a master of defense. Take a moment to check out my newest video on how to defend successfully! While I cannot introduce all these patterns to you at once, I am going to show you some of the most important concepts and ideas you need to know about successful defense that will guide you in improving your ability to thwart your opponent’s threats before they happen in the way your opponent is hoping for.

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