Positional Chess Mastery

Positional Chess Mastery

IM TigerLilov
Jun 17, 2016, 5:12 AM |

Good tactical ability will get you far but to reach the heights, to eventually become a titled player, a deep understanding of positional chess is essential.

Many players aren't really sure of what positional chess actually is. Ever played a game where you made no tactical blunders but your opponent's pieces seemed to control the board, you had no good squares to choose from and no weaknesses to attack? That is positional chess.

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Positional chess consists of maneuvering (Anatoly Karpov's great strength), prophylaxis, creating outposts, opening files, closing diagonals, controlling the pawn structure and improving your pieces. An amazed Bobby Fischer said about a game of his against Tigran Petrosian, “I was amazed during the game. Each time Petrosian achieved a good position, he managed to maneuver into a better one.”

Later Bobby's positional sense became so refined one GM claimed that he "can throw the pieces up in the air and they land on the correct square!"

With this week's webinar, I will teach you how the very best players improve their position with every move. How they control the center, provoke weaknesses, find winning plans and use positional sacrifices.

What you learn here will allow you to accumulate advantages, make small gains against even the toughest opponents until, gradually, your position becomes overwhelming. Then you will be able to finish them off. As Bobby Fischer put it "tactics flow from a superior position".

If you have limited time, this 1 hour free webinar is the best thing you can do for your chess improvement.